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so-lu-tion noun \sə-´lü-shən\ : the answer to a problem

“Prompt, Exemplary Service”

LB’s Furniture Solutions has provided prompt, exemplary service for our practice. They have assisted with the design of our space, and also facilitated great reconfigurations as our needs have grown.   They’ve gone above and beyond our expectations to assure that the quality and appearance of our furniture for years to come.

Jane Dodds MPH, FACMPE
Administrator, Orthopaedic Associates of Rochester

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Since 2001, LB’s Furniture Solutions LLC has been a trusted furniture source for business, educational and healthcare institutions. Our approach is simple…evaluate, recommend, and deliver as expected…on time, within budget.

Instead of a warehouse full of aging inventory, our extensive network of suppliers enables us to offer an almost limitless array of furniture choices, many of which can be delivered and installed within a few days.

With years of experience, and installations across the country that include Hawaii and Puerto Rico, LB’s Furniture Solutions LLC has your furniture answer.