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so-lu-tion noun \sə-´lü-shən\ : the answer to a problem

“Willingness To … Go The Extra Mile”

Your willingness to listen, do research to meet our needs, service your product, and to go the extra mile, guarantees that I will call you again, and will refer others to your business.

Christine Wagner, SSJ
Executive Director
St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center

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Since 2001, LB’s Furniture Solutions LLC has been a trusted furniture source for business, educational and healthcare institutions. Our approach is simple…evaluate, recommend, and deliver as expected…on time, within budget.

Instead of a warehouse full of aging inventory, our extensive network of suppliers enables us to offer an almost limitless array of furniture choices, many of which can be delivered and installed within a few days.

With years of experience, and installations across the country that include Hawaii and Puerto Rico, LB’s Furniture Solutions LLC has your furniture answer.